elastisys:scale cloud pool REST API documentation (version 5.0.0)ΒΆ

This documentation covers version 5.0.0 of the REST API that all elastisys:scale cloud pool endpoints are required to publish.

A cloud pool is a key component in an elastisys:scale autoscaling setup.

An elastisys:scale autoscaling system consists of two main parts: (1) an autoscaler server and (2) a cloud pool. The autoscaler server collects monitoring data reported by the application from a monitoring database and applies scaling algorithms to, ultimately, emit a number of required VM instances to keep the auto-scaling-enabled service running smoothly. This number is communicated over a secured (SSL) channel to the cloud pool, which instructs the cloud infrastructure to add or remove VMs, as appropriate. A schematical overview of the system is shown in the image below.


So a cloud pool manages an elastic pool of machines for a particular cloud provider, handling communication with the cloud provider according to its API. The cloud pool provides a cloud-neutral API to clients, such as the autoscaler, with a number of management primitives for the machine pool. In general terms, these primitives allow clients to:

  • track the machine pool members and their states
  • modify the size of the machine pool (the cloud pool continuously starts/stops machine instances so that the number of machines in the pool matches the desired size set for the pool).

The interface between the autoscaler and the cloud pool is a REST API. All cloud pool endpoints are required to implement this REST API and make it available over secure HTTP (HTTPS). The REST API is described in greater detail in the elastisys cloud pool REST API.